We do offer the following:

–  Included Free Revision if Necessary
–  Included Free Mastering of the instrumental track if submitted at the same time
–  Included Free DDP Master Files for CD Replication, 10 songs or more
Our normal turnaround 2-4 days

Mastering Rates

Mastering of one song: $75.00 USD

Mastering of two Songs or more: $65.00 USD ea.

Stem mastering of one song: $150.00 USD

Virtual On-Line Attended Mastering Session: $120.00 Per Hour.

How to prepare and send us your song for mastering

• Ensure that the mixdown is not clipping, and avoid using normalization or compressor and limiter on the master bus (master fader)
• Leave some headroom in your mixes for mastering and keep the maximum level between -3db to -6db
• Wherever possible, make your mix quieter, not louder
• Listen to your mix in mono, and see if you can hear all the instruments at the mixdown
• Leave space in the beginning and at the end of your song
• Bounce at the same sample rate that you used for the recording session
• It is better to produce a good 44.1 kHz 24-bit master, rather than a poor 96 kHz master
• Please listen to your song from start to finish before you send it to us

Online Music Mastering




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